Engine MRO Services

Commercial airliners carry passengers and freight from one continent to another within a matter of hours. For the operation of their fleets, airlines rely on dependable and powerful engines. 

The value of an aircraft lies primarily with its Engines and correspondingly Aircraft Engine Maintenance is the most pricewise sensitive and important maintenance task for any airline. Because of the very high costs involved during engine maintenance, keeping the cost of engine maintenance low without compromising quality is essential to ensure the airline’s profitability. The key to doing this is to make sure that the engines are overhauled at OEM approved engine shops. 

Scheduled work is organised on the basis of customer requirements, fleet planning and engine performance data. We divide shop visits into two categories. The first covers LLP [life-limited parts] exchange, which is hard-timed and cannot be delayed. Category two is for on-condition visits that return the engine to serviceability, in the form of performance restoration or in response to an unscheduled event.

In today's operating environment, with engine overhaul shops operating at maximum capacity and a global shortage of Life Limited Parts, getting a slot with an engine shop at the right time is easier said than done. At Airserve, we understand the operational requirements of providing a timely engine overhaul at the lowest possible cost. Our expertise and close relationships with some of the largest and most reputed Engine MRO shops puts us  in the coveted position of being able to allows us to minimize turn times, effectively limiting the need for engine spares and reducing overall maintenance costs. 

Different engine models, requiring specific maintenance support based on subtype and operating environment. Airserve works closely with its customers to support their individual needs. We offer a host of tailored and intelligent solutions for our customers, ranging from Engine MRO, through to asset management help, accessory and LRU support, and much more.

Airserve has successfully completed Engine overhauls for a number of different airlines over the past 18 years.