Airline Management Consulting

Airserve works with airline management and investors to evaluate airline industry trends such as consolidation, the rise of low-cost carriers, and the growth of emerging markets in order to identify potential revenue growth areas and control costs. 

Our management consulting capabilities include:

  • Analyzing the status of the airline in the target market and the value of alliances,      code shares, and bilateral agreements.

  • Identifying potential airline ground operations improvement fields.

  • Developing expansion strategies.

  • Developing business plans and organizational strategies

For clients launching new aviation ventures, Airserve conducts feasibility studies and helps develop business plans. 

In the crucial area of network and fleet planning, Airserve helps airlines optimize routes, schedules, and hub operations.

Airserve’s business transformation services address all areas of an airline's business, including:

  • Commercial Aspects—Pricing and revenue management, sales and distribution, customer service and loyalty, and ancillary revenue opportunities

  • Operational  Aspects—Production control, operations control, and restructuring and optimizing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) centers for internal      use and third-party support

  • IT Aspects—Information management, product and start-up implementation of new softwares and evaluating automation possibilities. 

As follows some sample airline analysis done by Airserve FZCO (Following  documents are provided under 'Author's Opinion' and are only meant as Sample's).



Sample Middle East Airline Analysis by Airserve 2011 (pdf)


Sample Airline Financial Analysis by Airserve FZCO (2007-2010) (pdf)